Wednesday, March 6, 2013 a flash

Emmaline on her Birthday! 

Emmaline eating her smoothie...yum.

Emmaline and her dolly.

Emmaline with "doggy" She made a friend in Texas. 
Most recent family picture.

Grumpy pants all done eating.

Daddy and Miss Emmaline
I know...I's been a while. Quick update: Bryant's is on fast track and working like a monster to get through school. Kendra is working at a local school as a one on one aid and loves her job. Not so quick update: Emmaline! Oh my little Miss Emmaline is growing up just way to fast! Can you believe that she is 17 months! Emmaline is so full of personality and finds so much joy in her life. Emmalines favorite word is doggy. We don't even have a stinkin dog. Emmalines favorite toy: her dolly, blocks, and stroller. Emmaline's favorite activity: dancing. Emmaline's favorite food....she really doesn't like to eat foods...her favorite change...but she will eat anything sweet.

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